Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charlie's Japanese Room

Jungle Bed from Large Eco Friendly Box in Pet Society

This lovely bed came from the Large Eco Friendly box that Charlie got after recycling a ton of stuff! It's really quite lovely and unique, but charlie thinks she likes her sunflower bed better. It resells for nearly 2500 coins!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn Faerie in Pet Society

Charlie likes being a Autumn Faerie! She thinks the outfit is to die for! All of the faerie eggs cost 600 coins and the items resell for different prices. Charlie hasn't been able to buy the Autumn Faerie Shelf, but has managed to get everything else.

For an exact list of resell prices on each item go here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Happens When You Get All the Bronze Stickers in Pet Society?

Charlie has been secretly hoping that there was some sort of surprise for collecting all of the bronze, silver, or gold stickers; but one of her friends found just what does happen when you collect all of the bronze. She put the last sticker to be collected of the bronze furniture page and an option came up saying to publish the story, but nothing else. It looks like the only thing that happens is you get to brag about it to your other friends. Maybe if she collects all of the gold it will be different, but it seems like a waste of time to Charlie otherwise.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dark Owl in Pet Society

In the nick of time, Charlie found the Dark Owl before the Halloween items vanish from the mystery boxes. Phew . . .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Orangutan Doll in Pet Society

Monkey see, monkey do! This cute monkey came from the 500 coin mystery box and resells for 999 coins.

Armillary Sphere in Pet Society

This pretty Armillary Sphere came from the 500 coin mystery box and resells for 999 coins.

Magic Bunny Hat in Pet Society

This furry dude came from the 500 coin mystery box and resells for 999 coins.

Wizard Hat in Pet Society

This would be perfect for Halloween. If only Charlie had a matching robe or something similar. It came from the 500 coin mystery box and resells for 999 coins.

Candy Jar Decor in Pet Society

This is perfect for Charlie because she really has quite the sweet tooth! It came from the 500 coin mystery box and resells for 999 coins.

Merlin Doll in Pet Society

This little guy Charlie found in the 500 coin mystery box. He resells for 999 coins.

Bird Cage Decor in Pet Society

This is a cute little addition that Charlie had never thought of! The bird cage came from the 500 coin mystery box and it resells for 999 coins.

Elephant Doll in Pet Society

Charlie really likes elephants and thinks this little elephant doll is charming. She got it from the 200 coin mystery box and it resells for 499 coins.

Bat Doll in Pet Society

Another thing that Charlie is a little skeptical about is the Halloween special Owl Doll that supposedly can be found in the mystery boxes. She has wasted days and thousands of coins trying to find the silly thing and has yet to catch a glimpse. She did find the Bat Doll in the process.

The Great Hideeni in Pet Society's Town

Charlie was a little skeptical when she heard that the Great Hindeeni could be found around town because she only ever found him in her home or the homes of her friends. Today, lo and behold, there was the Great Hindeeni, standing in front of the neighbors houses for anyone to see!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Charlie's Halloween Decorations

Here is Charlie's front room all decorated for Halloween!

Charlie's Halloween Costumes

Why are pumpkins especially cute? No wonder people call cute kids little pumpkins. Charlie loves her new pumpkin and witch costumes.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What to Do When You Find the Great Hideeni in Pet Society

The Great Hideeni from Pet Society looks like this:

When you see him, you have to click on him and a little blurb will come up looking like this:

Make sure to click on the little blue "publish story" button. That way your friends can click on the story and recieve their puppy plushie (or whatever the Great Hideeni has as a prize). When you click on the little blue "publish story" button, a little window will come looking something like this:

You can add your comments in the box, but just be sure to click on the "publish" button before you close the window. Then your sighting of the Great Hideeni will be documented for all your friends to see and they can get the prize!

Happy Hideeni Hunting!!

Penguin Doll

This cute little Penguin Doll came from the 200 coin mystery box. He resells for 499 coins, I believe. Isn't he adorable?

Yellow Cab Decor

This is another item from the expensive mystery box. The yellow cab resells for 999 coins.

Doll Basket Decor

Charlie has been finding a lot of things in the mystery boxes. She's been trying to get all the Halloween items from them and keeps getting other cute things. This little Doll Basket resells for 999 coins and came from the expensive mystery box.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cat Baby Doll

Charlie found another great item in the expensive mystery box. It's a Cat Baby Doll and it resells for 999 coins, but this another that Charlie is going to keep.

Pink Fridge in Pet Society

Here is a pink fridge. Charlie got it from an expensive mystery box. It resells for 999 coins, but Charlie really loves pink and it matches her already pink kitchen, so she kept it instead of selling.

Halloween Lolly Off the Halloween Tree in Pet Society

Lots of exciting things have happened to Charlie today. With her excitement of finding the Great Hideeni, she didn't notice that her Halloween Tree had produced a Halloween Lolly. It appeared a few days after the tree had appeared and sells for 85 coins if one chooses to do so. Charlie kept hers to add to her Halloween decor.

The Great Hideeni in Pet Society

Charlie got scared out of her mind when she went into her garden and someone was already there! The Great Hideeni appeared and told her to publish the story of finding him so her friends could get a plushie puppy. Sadly, Charlie got nothing. Her friends have to find the Great Hideeni and publish their story in order for her to get a plushie puppy.

Here is one of Charlie's friends with their plushie puppy prize for Charlie finding the Great Hideeni.